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Worship music that I find lyrically encouraging, that is real about suffering and trials, and/or encourages us to serve others.

Day 7 of 7 in 7: Trinity


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You are the Father, You are the Son,
You are the Spirit, three in one,
The Father who sent, the Son who saves,
The Spirit who’s working in and through me.

You’re the One, You’re the Three
You are the Trinity
You’re the One, You’re the Three
You are the Trinity

We honor the Father, we serve the Son,
We’re filled with the Spirit, Yes we are!…

Day 6 of 7 in 7: God You Are Good

God you are good

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God, You are good,
You are merciful and true
God, You are Good
We depend on you

VERSE 1 (Creation)
In the morning when I rise
I look out the window, and the sun is in the sky
You made the light, You made the seas,
You made the universe, and You made me

VERSE 2 (Fall)
I may stumble, and I may fall,
I may sometimes sin, but You take care of it all
You sent Your Son, to die for me,
Through his sacrifice, we have been set free

VERSE 3 (Redemption)
What a gift, we have received
Life and breath and joy in you, eternal perfect peace
We know we can, look forward to,
Eternal happiness, in heaven with You.…

Day 5 of 7 in 7: Show Me How to Love Like You

This one came pretty easily… inspired by my day job. Bridge doesn’t quite feel settled, but I’m off to work ’till midnight, so it is what it is!

Show Me How To Love Like You

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Show me how to love like you
in all I do
In every action
Every word
Every circumstance
Show me how to be Your hands
and be Your feet
Show me how to love like you

When I’m tired and I’m weak and overwhelmed
by the mission that you’ve set in front of me
Give me strength to carry on
Long after my strength is gone
only with Your help will I succeed

Lord, I struggle to have patience and compassion
When those I serve don’t always treat me well
When they’re striking back at me
Give me the strength to be
Your living grace here upon the earth

Help me remember who You are, where You’ve been,
The sacrifices that You’ve made for my sin
What You’ve done for me
Let me do for You
For the people here on earth that You’ve sent me to…

Day 4 of 7 in 7: Through God and God Alone

Only when, and because, God empowers us, are we able to succeed. Without Him, we will surely fail. When we are obviously inadequate, and He is obviously strong- in us and in our circumstances -God is given that much more glory – because it’s that much more obvious that He must be empowering us.…

Day 3 of 7 in 7: Save Us From This Crazy Busy World

This one doesn’t feel settled yet, but for the purposes of 7 in 7, it’s completed. :-)

Save Us From This Crazy Busy World

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So many things demand my time
So many things fight for my life
How much of what I say and do
makes a real eternal difference for You

Show me what I don’t need in my life
Show me how to live life as a living sacrifice

We are Your kingdom, here on earth
sent to proclaim the second birth
Help us remember why we’re here
It’s You we love, it’s You we fear
What You’ve done and what You’ll do
We want to be consumed by You
Save us from this crazy busy world

Distractions assaulting from all sides
Attacking, they steal away my time
The clock ticking fast, time drifts away
What in the world did I do with my day

My best intentions fall away
The calendar dictates my day
So much to do, I’m sinking fast
Stuck under the weight of these endless tasks

So many things dominate our time
The meaningless, mundane, won’t last
We have You now – You’re our eternal prize

Save us from this world…