MDiv Worship Progress

This is a list of the courses I took as part of my Masters of Divinity in Worship.

Pre-requisite Courses/Requirements

  • Elementary Hebrew (Fuller) [books]
  • Elementary Greek (Vickers, Plummer)
  • Cooperative Program
  • Vocal Proficiency (Sherman)
  • Piano Proficiency (Valle)
  • Musicianship II (Priest) [books]

Scripture and Interpretation

  • Introduction to the Old Testament I (Fuller)
  • Introduction to the Old Testament II (Garrett)
  • Greek Syntax and Exegesis (Plummer)
  • Biblical Hermeneutics (Wellum) [books]
  • Introduction to the New Testament I (Cook) [books]
  • Introduction to the New Testament II (Cook)

Theology and Tradition

  • Introduction to Church History I (Wills)
  • Introduction to Church History II (Puckett)
  • Systematic Theology I (Ware) [books]
  • Systematic Theology II (Allison)[books]
  • Systematic Theology III (Allison)

Worldview and Culture

  • Introduction to Christian Philosophy (Greenway)
  • Survey of Christian Ethics (Magnuson) [books]

Ministry and Proclamation

  • The Ministry of Teaching (Parker) [books]
  • Personal Evangelism (Beougher) [books]
  • Introduction to Missiology (Terry) [books]
  • Introduction to Biblical Counseling (Powlison) [books]
  • The Ministry of Leadership (Stinson)
  • Personal Spiritual Disciplines (Walker) [books]
  • Applied Ministry: Church Music and Worship (Odle)

Worship Studies

  • A Biblical Theology of Worship (Ware) [books ]
  • Care of Souls in the Congregation (Johnson) (replaces Dramatized Scripture)
  • Foundations in Worship (Brewton) (replaces The Worshipping Church)
  • Christian Worship in Contemporary Culture (Stam) [books]
  • Leadership in Contemporary Expressions of Corporate Worship (Stam)
  • Contemporary Worship Ensemble Lab (Platt)
  • Psalms, Hymns, Spiritual Songs (replaces Introduction to Hymnology)(Crookshank)
  • Electives
    • Technology for Music & Worship (Odle)
    • Vocal Ensemble Leadership (Stam)

Church Music

  • Introduction to Music Ministry (Bolton) [books]
  • Integrative Seminar in Church Music & Worship (Brewton)
  • Church Music Literature for Voices (Turner)
  • Electives
    • Instrumental Transcription and Arranging (Smith)
    • Writing Songs for Worship (Landgrave)
    • Graduate Level Piano Lesson (Valle)

Ensembles (4 semesters)

  • Seminary Choir (Lancaster), Fall ’07
  • Chapel Choir (Bolton), Spring ’08
  • Oratorio Chorus (Stam), Fall ’09
  • Oratorio Chorus (Stam), Spring ’10