Live Like That by Sidewalk Prophets

In addition to being a youth counselor, I’m also a worship leader at my local church. I will intersperse some of my posts about suffering and self care with contemporary worship music that I find lyrically encouraging, that is real about suffering and trials, and/or encourages us to serve others.  

What I really appreciate about this song, is the challenge to each of us, “Was I love, when no one else would show up, was I Jesus to the least of us? Was my worship more than just a song? I want to live like that.”  Our worship should be more than a song that we sing on a Sunday morning, our worship is pouring out our lives to a God who is worthy, and following the great commandment – to love not only God, but also our neighbors – including the widow, orphan, and homeless- as we love ourselves. That should be our legacy, the love we had for others, and our impact on their lives.

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