God I Look to You, by Bethel Live

I love songs that are prayers. They help to give us words to pray with, that get stuck in our hearts and minds simply because they are set to melody.

This song is one of those songs that pops into my head when I’m having a rough day… the lyrics are fairly simple, but powerful.

“God I look to You, I won’t be overwhelmed, give me vision to see things like You do,
God I look to You, You’re where my help comes from – give me wisdom- You know just what to do.”

Most of the time when I sing this, I sing “I WILL be overwhelmed”… because sometimes I can feel overwhelmed.  I pray for God’s vision and wisdom to get through a rough night or rough situation… knowing that while I may be weak and weary, God is all knowing, all seeing, and all wise.  He’s got the solutions to my problems,  the extra patience or kindness that I may seem to be out of at that moment .  While I may be overwhelmed, God is not.  He is my strength and shield, my ever present help in times of trouble. He reigns over all.   Nothing is too big for me to handle, knowing that He is looking out for me, and I’m allowing myself to depend upon him.