Day 1 of 7 in 7: Make Grace My Reality

Going to go for 7 in 7! What’s is 7 in 7? see here.

Day 1: Make Grace My Reality

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How many times have I tried and stumbled,
Working so hard, falling on my face,
Curled in a ball, feeling raw and broken,
trying to hide from my past mistakes.

Your grace is so much better than my reality
Lord give me strength to live the gift of grace You offer me

Your power moves the mountains,
Your might can part the seas
Your hands have formed me from the dust,
So do Your best in me

Your power will not fail me,
I’m pleading with you please
Give me the strength to change my ways
Make grace alive in me
- Change my reality

How many times has my courage left me
Fearing I’d fail, never good enough
Stopping before I had ever started
Controlled by the world, insecure, not tough.

How many times have I mourned my choices
Reliving them over and over again
Replaying the worst of the painful memories
Reopening wounds from way back when