Day 4 of 7 in 7: Through God and God Alone

Only when, and because, God empowers us, are we able to succeed. Without Him, we will surely fail. When we are obviously inadequate, and He is obviously strong- in us and in our circumstances -God is given that much more glory – because it’s that much more obvious that He must be empowering us.

Through God and God Alone

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The path looks daunting the journey tough
How will I face the task? Am I strong enough?
Though I may struggle, with restless doubt
Give me the courage, as I start out.

I know that you are with me, every step of the way
Guide me Lord, my Savior, I pray.

He is our strength to face the mountain climb
Our love to cross the great divide
He gives us words when we’re tongue tied
Hope our work is not in vain

We are less and He is more than we
could ever, ever hope to be
Through God and God alone we will succeed
Savior take hold of me.

With You by my side – I will make it through
Help me to depend completely on You!