Day 6 of 7 in 7: God You Are Good

God you are good

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God, You are good,
You are merciful and true
God, You are Good
We depend on you

VERSE 1 (Creation)
In the morning when I rise
I look out the window, and the sun is in the sky
You made the light, You made the seas,
You made the universe, and You made me

VERSE 2 (Fall)
I may stumble, and I may fall,
I may sometimes sin, but You take care of it all
You sent Your Son, to die for me,
Through his sacrifice, we have been set free

VERSE 3 (Redemption)
What a gift, we have received
Life and breath and joy in you, eternal perfect peace
We know we can, look forward to,
Eternal happiness, in heaven with You.